Disputing Negative Information To Credit Bureaus, Does it Work?

From freecreditrestore.net
San Diego, CA

Have you heared? It is “rigged” against you: The verification process of the 3 credit bureaus is not designed for you to prevail.

That cant be right Can it? The agencies have collaborated through their trade organization to automate the entire investigation and re-investigation process using an online computer program. What this means is that the dispute is given a 2-digit ID code simplifying the disputes- so no matter how much documentation you enclose it does not translate. The bureaus do not convey the full dispute or forward any of the documents to the furnishers.

Almost all consumer disputes are VERIFIED and they are not verified in your favor. This means you need a new way to repair and regain your credit. We have the only system we know of that actually works- and it works fast. Try our Clear Credit Guide and do this yourself for free. This is the most advanced system currently available. Only $97 introductory price (Over $300 off reg price)


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